At Prince Valley, our market services include a bakery, a deli, a meat section, fruits and vegetables, standard grocery, frozen foods and seafood. Our food items are as fresh as can be. Come taste the difference!


prince valley supermarket fresh produce
Fresh. Prince Valley carries a vast selection of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to our store daily. Locally grown, our produce is superior. Tomatoes, peppers, crisp apples, cucumbers, oranges, radishes, and much, much more. You’ll see, smell, and taste the freshness. We provide healthy foods for a healthy lifestyle.


prince valley supermarket meats
Fresh. Our meat department offers a wide variety of USDA Choice cuts of beef and pork. Beef chunks barbacoa, smoked pork chops, fresh rib tips, beef taco meat, fresh baby back ribs, and fresh chicken are just a “taste” of what we offer at Prince Valley. Pick from our meat case or request a custom cut.


prince valley supermarket dairy
Fresh. Check out our dairy case for fresh milk, sour cream, cheese, eggs, yogurt, and delicious spreads. Prince Valley takes pride in offering our customers the freshest dairy products for your family.


prince valley supermarket bakery
Fresh. Prince Valley offers a full bakery with delicious pastries, custom cake ordering and fresh breads baked daily. See our selection of unique desserts for all of your entertaining needs.


prince valley supermarket seafood
Fresh. Choose from fresh clams, swai fillets, cod, crab, catfish, tilapia, salmon, or shrimp. Prince Valley has an incredible selection of fresh seafood. Check out our daily specials for super low prices.


prince valley supermarket grocery
Along with all of our fresh produce, meats, seafood, baked goods, and deli products, Prince Valley also carries the staple items you need for your kitchen pantry. Canned goods, baking products, condiments, juices, snacks, and many more convenience products make our store a true one-stop shopping experience.

Custom Cakes

prince valley supermarket custom cakes
We make custom cakes for all types of events. Are you looking to get a special cake for a birthday? Wedding? A special event? We can tailor make single sheet and layered sheet cakes that will be perfect for your event. Learn More